Grow Loan Portfolio

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Increase your credit union loan origination.

Say you have a new member that signed up for a checking and savings account. At some point down the road, this individual may need a loan or a new credit card. But do they know your credit union offers those products, too? At Vibrant, we help credit unions increase member wallet share through marketing tactics designed to nurture leads and generate quality loan applications.

Engage Your Members

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Direct Mail

As a credit union, you likely have a membership base of individuals from all walks of life. This means those individuals are engaging with you in different ways. One of the many ways you can tap into your credit union community is through direct mail. Whether you’re sending a loan promotion or information about credit card offerings, we can strategize and design smart direct mail pieces that help increase your return on membership.

Email Marketing

One of the best ways to build relationships with your members and partners is by sending them engaging and thoughtful emails. Whether it’s a monthly newsletter, new credit card rate announcement, or loan promotion, we can build you an email sequence for new members and existing partners that’s designed to guide them through the marketing funnel.

Social Media

Social media is a crucial way to not only engage your community, but showcase your brand personality and financial services. We use data to understand your audience and build social media content designed for your members that’s informative and fun. Owning and sharing your own content is key to staying top-of-mind in a competitive financial landscape.