Increase Membership

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Build awareness and grow your membership base. 

Increase your membership portfolio with smart marketing. As a credit union, top-of-mind awareness is key to attracting new, engaged members. Whether you’re expanding into a new market, promoting a new product, or just looking to add on new members, we’ll work with you to design a marketing plan that attracts higher quality leads, reduces your total spend per member and increases your ROI.

Credit Union Marketing

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Digital Advertising

As a credit union, you work with individuals in all stages of life. That’s why we create a marketing strategy that meets your potential members on their path. Our process includes learning your business objectives, target market, and current advertising spend. Whether it’s marketing through channels like Google, social media, streaming platforms, and more, we can effectively reach potential members with targeted ads that convert.

Content Creation

Part of the value you give to your members is the content you create. People bank with credit unions that they believe are financial experts. That’s why making high-quality, written and video content is so important. At Vibrant, we deliver a website and social media content strategy that engages your community, resonates with your members, and boosts your visibility on search engines.

Email Marketing

Don’t let email automation be an afterthought in your marketing plan. One of the best ways to build relationships with potential members and partners is by utilizing email automation. We are equipped to build out email campaigns on a variety of automation platforms.

Member Testimonials

Let your members tell your credit union story for you. Your community is more likely to build trust and join by hearing directly from your members. At Vibrant, we’ve designed member testimonial ads, videos, and more for credit unions of all sizes.