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Coop Fed

Cooperative Federal

Cooperative Federal is a credit union based in Syracuse, New York. The credit union has been serving its members for over 40 years and has always prioritized its commitment to social justice, economic equality, and financial empowerment. However, the outdated website and ATM graphics were not in line with its brand image and did not effectively communicate its values to current and potential members.

Cooperative Federal's website designed by Transact

Timeless Values, Outdated Branding
Our team was tasked with redesigning the Cooperative Federal branding and building a new website that better reflects its values and appeal to its target audience. The primary objective was to improve Cooperative Federal’s brand identity and recognition by developing a more modern and professional-looking brand and website.

Cooperative Federal's values

Enhancing An Important Message with Updated Branding
After a thorough analysis of Cooperative Federal’s audience and objectives, we developed a comprehensive marketing strategy that built a modern, cohesive brand that emphasized its unique value as a local, community-focused organization that connects its racially and economically diverse audience with high-quality financial services.

cooperative federal's new logo designed by transact Cooperative Federal's new website viewed on mobile

An Accessible Website to Serve a Diverse Community
Because Cooperative Federal is focused on providing accessible services to its whole community, our team built a website that is accessible, approachable, and easy to navigate to ensure there are minimal barriers to entry for Cooperative Federal’s current and potential members. Content throughout the site is not just engaging, but informative to those who may not have extensive knowledge of financial services. The site was optimized for search engines to further improve the site’s visibility, and make certain that it was easy to find for those with minimal computer literacy.

The marketing work we did for Cooperative Federal was a great success, as it helped to improve the credit union’s online presence, brand identity, and customer engagement. By developing a comprehensive marketing strategy that addressed Cooperative Federal’s unique needs and objectives, we were able to achieve significant results that had a positive impact on the credit union’s bottom line.