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First Financial

First Financial Federal Credit Union

First Financial Federal Credit Union, a New Jersey-based credit union, approached Vibrant to improve its digital marketing efforts. The credit union was founded by teachers during the Great Depression as a network of community support. Since then, it’s expanded to serve the entire community, while maintaining the original mission of bringing quality financial services to the members of its community.

Increased Conversions
Decreased Cost Per Click
Increased Clicks
Budget Cost Decrease
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The primary goal of our digital advertising campaign for First Financial was to increase conversions. We developed and implemented a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that included online advertising campaigns and produced professional videos featuring testimonials from members to utilize in our marketing efforts. In addition to digital marketing, Vibrant maintains a weekly blog for First Financial to use for in-house marketing efforts.

Significant Improvements Across All Channels

Our Google ads campaign resulted in a 1476% increase in conversions, which represents an increase of 14.75 times compared to previous years. We also managed to decrease the average cost per click (CPC) by 85%, making the placements cheaper for the client. Clicks increased by 686%, and impressions increased by 444%. Furthermore, we reduced the budget by 81% while achieving these remarkable results.

Our Facebook ads campaign led to a 334 increase in page likes and 5079 link clicks. Impressions increased by over 1.1 million, which was a substantial improvement by industry standards.

Our LinkedIn advertising campaign produced impressive results, with click-through rates increasing by 10,805 and impressions by 511,680.

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Increased Conversions, Reduced Costs

Our digital advertising campaign for First Financial Federal Credit Union was a tremendous success. We were able to significantly increase conversions while reducing costs, thus maximizing the credit union’s return on investment. Our efforts substantially improved click-through rates, impressions, and page likes on all advertising channels. We are proud to have been able to help the credit union achieve its goals.