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New Covenant Dominion Credit Union

New Covenant Dominion Credit Union (NCDCU) is a community-based financial institution that had been operating for over 15 years. They came to Vibrant seeking a full brand overhaul, including a new logo, tagline, messaging, and website.

NCDCU's new website designed by Transact

Branding You Can Trust
The primary challenge was to create a brand that modernized New Covenant Dominion Credit Union while also resonating with its target audience. NCDCU wanted a brand that not only modernized the credit union’s image but conveyed its mission of providing financial services to its community in the Bronx and helping serve its members by promoting savings and building credit. They’re committed to providing each member with an individualized experience sensitive to their cultural and financial needs and wanted an image that helped to build confidence in current and potential members.

NCDCU's new logo designed by Transact NCDCU's website viewed on mobile

Celebrating Foundational Values with New Branding
Our team analyzed NCDCU’s current and targeted audience to identify branding and messaging that would effectively communicate. We presented them with several design options for their new logo and branding, and after a few revisions, we finalized a new logo, tagline, messaging, and brand identity that accurately represented NCDCU’s values and mission.

Branded merch with NCDCU's new logo

In addition to building NCDCU a website that was easy to navigate and complemented the new branding, we worked with the local press to secure coverage for its grand opening to launch its new chapter. Additionally, we produced a video showcasing the new branding. Finally, we redesigned NCDCU’s office space to match its new brand image and create a welcoming atmosphere for members.

NCDCU's logo shown as a mural in its office

New Look, Same Trusted Services
The new brand identity and messaging effectively differentiated NCDCU and resonated with its target audience. The new website showcased its products and services more clearly and made it easier for potential members to join. The grand opening event attracted a record number of attendees, and NCDCU received positive press coverage from local news outlets.

The new branding and messaging have helped New Covenant Dominion Credit Union build a stronger brand image, recognition, and awareness in the community.