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New York Credit Union Association

Vibrant helped New York Credit Union Association (NYCUA) advance its mission of membership advocacy and support by developing a new, dynamic website designed to increase its presence in the industry and gain new members.

CUNA Diamond Award Winner

The most prestigious annual credit union industry competition, the Diamond Awards recognize and reward creative excellence and outstanding results in credit union marketing.

New York Credit Union Association website on desktop and mobile

Prioritizing NYCUA members with a sleek website design that increases the value of the organization.

NYCUA, the trade association for New York credit unions, wanted to streamline the digital experience for its members. As an industry voice, it was important for NYCUA to ensure its members could easily access resources and feel more prominently represented. The association looked to Vibrant to help achieve this through a website designed to enhance the user journey on desktop and mobile.

NYCUA website on mobile New York Credit Union Association logo
Advocacy page on New York Credit Union Association website

Powerful brand messaging is essential for attracting potential members.

NYCUA’s century-long commitment to the industry was a key piece of the association’s brand, so featuring consistent messaging on the site that highlights its education, advocacy, and compliance efforts was essential. Powerful content, paired with sleek designs and improved site architecture helped bring NYCUA’s dedication to member service to the forefront.