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Tips for Inclusive Credit Union Marketing

More than ever before, customers are demanding authentic inclusivity from the businesses they frequent, and credit unions aren’t immune to this demand. Ensuring your organization is inclusive for people of different genders, races, sexualities, and abilities should be on the list of your priorities, and a good place to start is in your marketing. Many financial organizations tout inclusivity as a part of their mission statement, but incorporating it into your marketing is a way to communicate to your members that you mean it. Here are some ideas for inclusive credit union marketing year-round!

Include Diverse Representation in Your Visuals

One step your brand can take in being inclusive year-round is showing diverse representation in your digital marketing. For example, when you’re building a campaign and hiring models to play the part of the married couple, make sure you’re not “defaulting” to a man and woman. Having models of different abilities and races throughout marketing efforts signals to your audience that you’re company is an ally in a more authentic way.

Donate and Support Organizations that are Doing the Work

Community support is likely one of the pillars of your organization’s marketing efforts. Are you including organizations that support underrepresented communities in these efforts? Many companies organize or encourage employee volunteering, are you ensuring a portion of those hours goes to inclusive non-profits in your area? The best way you can show your authentic support of marginalized communities is by putting your money where your mouth is by offering actual, measurable support to non-profits supporting those communities. It shows your audience that you’re not just all talk–you’re doing some real work year-round.

Adopt Inclusive Messaging and Language

For many people, it’s easy to default to language that inadvertently excludes marginalized people. Using gender-neutral messaging is a small change you can make that goes a long way, like referring to “spouses” in place of “husband and wife.” Internally, review your credit union’s collateral and see how inclusive it is. When you start with internal, foundational changes, it’s easier to transition to speaking more inclusively in your external communications.

Consider How Your Products or Services Can Be More Inclusive

While financial products may be innocuous or universally relatable, consider how they may hold a specific role in the lives of marginalized people. When you review this way, you can reveal more opportunities to market directly to underrepresented populations, or take it a step further, and identify unique ways your organization can give back. For example, as recently as 2020, the homeownership gap between White and Black households widened. You can help uplift people of color in your community by analyzing how your home lending products can serve them, and advertising that more widely.

Remember: Employees Are Your Credit Union’s Biggest Advocates

The people who are going to give the most support when your company is getting it right are your employees. Their word-of-mouth promotion of your credit union is priceless, and they can spread the word more authentically about the work your organization is doing to be more inclusive. Moreover, when you hire diversly, your organization’s perspective expands. Diverse employee feedback on company policies, culture, or marketing is one way that it will become a more inclusive place to work or bank.

Fostering inclusivity in marketing is not only an ethical decision but also a strategic advantage for credit unions. By recognizing the diverse needs and experiences of your target audience and tailoring your marketing efforts accordingly, your credit union can cultivate a stronger sense of belonging and trust among current and potential members. Prioritizing inclusive credit union marketing gives you the opportunity to make a meaningful impact on the lives of those you serve.

If you’re looking to make your marketing plans more inclusive, contact the experts at Vibrant!