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Trending Topics for Credit Union Members

As we continue on through the new year, it’s a good time to check in with what you know about your members and their expectations. In the digital age, trending topics drive awareness and expectations. Having your finger on the pulse of what people are talking about is the best way to get ahead of your members’ needs. Here’s what’s trending for credit union members. 

Financial Preparation

Signs of economic trouble have been popping up for some time now, and with the Great Recession of 2007 still fresh in the minds of many, folks are looking to prepare their finances to minimize any potential hit. Did anyone ever think “personal finance influencer” would be a career option 10 years ago? We certainly didn’t, but they’re here and sharing information on how to stay on top of your financial health. 

What does that mean for you? Knowing that your members are looking to be proactive about their finances allows you to shift your focus toward promoting tools that make personal finance easy and accessible to your members. Digital tools, financial calculators, webinars, or any other things you offer that can help your members stay in good standing are smart to include in your upcoming promotions. 

Expanding Digital Capabilities

If there’s one thing the public took away from the pandemic, it’s that nearly anything can be done online or through an app. One of the largest barriers credit unions face in converting customers from banks is the assumption that their digital capabilities don’t hold up to the larger institutions. 

When was the last time your credit union explored new ways to incorporate up-and-coming tech in their digital space? Tools like AI-powered chatbots that offer members a self-service option, seamless tap-to-pay processing, and a simplified digital registration option are all things your credit union can offer that won’t go unnoticed by members. Staying on top of and incorporating relevant technology in a timely manner can help set your credit union apart from your competitors. 

Prioritizing the In-Branch Experience

“I thought you said members want to stay digital!?” Stick with us here. It may seem like your customers want it all when they say they want digital AND in-person capabilities, but did you know that nearly 75% of credit union members visit their branches at least 5 times a year, significantly more than bank customers? One of the many reasons members use credit unions over banks is the higher reported satisfaction with customer service experience. Ensuring your branches are a positive environment with employees who offer personalized service to every member ensures you maintain the expected level of service. Offering a self-service station in your branch can offer an alternative for those who prefer, while also helping to manage any foot traffic that may build during rush hour. Taking the steps to make your branch inviting to your members will ensure they keep coming through those doors! 

Ready to step up your credit union’s marketing? Schedule a consultation with our experts who are on top of what’s trending among credit union members, and start growing your credit union’s brand! 

Meet the author:

Glen Stacey

Glen Stacey is a content creator and a leader in real-time marketing. He creatively and strategically creates entertaining, informative content and develops marketing strategies, to help credit unions grow their business and stand out.

Stacey has presented nationally, including at the CUNA Marketing and Business Development Conference, and locally to assist area businesses and non-profits accelerate the impact of their content marketing efforts.

Stacey, a two-time Credit Union National Association (CUNA) Diamond Award winner, was also recognized as a Credit Union Rock Star from CUNA. Credit Union Rock Stars are “professionals in credit union organizations who leverage their exceptional creativity, innovation, and passion to advance their credit union’s mission and elevate their community.